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Sorteroo Truck

Brand:   Discoveroo
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A garbage truck which opens with 7 different shapes to sort. 28cm (long) x 16cm (wide). A great game that helps kids learn about sorting their waste.

18 months and up.

Discoveroo products are designed to encourage more Creative Play. They stir up the imagination but the outcomes are not predetermined. This leaves the child to explore the possibilities and develop their mind.  They are always Natural and Simple. For young children, seeing how a toy works is an important part of understanding the world. The natural materials stimulate the senses in a way that processed materials cannot.

Discoveroo products are sourced from carefully selected manufacturers in China. These factories have ICTI certification to demonstrate their safe and fair work practices. Discoveroo's owners also visit the facilities frequently and work hard with them to ensure that strict quality and safety criteria are met. The products are tested for all the markets they are sold in. Discoveroo's standards exceed the toughest safety standards in the world including Canadian Hazardous Products (Toy) Regulations.

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