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Wide Mouth Baby Bottle

Bottle Feeding
 Colour Samples:
Lavender (4oz only) Lavender (4oz only)
Lavender Dots (9oz only) Lavender Dots (9oz only)
Red (4 oz only) Red (4 oz only)
White (4oz only) White (4oz only)
Brand:   organicKidz

 Introducing organicKidz Wide Mouthed Baby Bottles!

  • Available in 4 and 9oz sizes
  • Single hull design for easy warming
  • BPA, PVC and Phthalate free!
  • Compatible with most wide mouthed nipples

organicKidzTM  Wide Mouth Baby Bottles are compatible with the following brand name accessories

o Mam
o Nubby Non-Drip
o Dr. Brown's Natural Flow
o Avent - Nipples and Sippy Spouts
o Think Baby - Nipples and Sippy Spouts
o Chicco Anti-Colic Silicone
o Born Free

Winner of an iParenting media Award!



  • Lid doubles as a built in 2oz/60mL measuring cup
  • For a more snug fitting lid, place the lid on its side on a flat surface and press down until you have the desired fit
  • Can be used as a snack cup for little fingers picking up little snacks


  • Compatible with most wide mouthed nipples
  • Nipples are made from silicon
  • Additional nipples are available through organicKidzTM and our retailers


  • Durable, lightweight container
  • Naturally bacteria resistant
  • Components are BPA, PVC, Phthalate and Lead free
  • 4oz/120mL and 9oz/270mL bottles are single hulled for quick warming in a bottle warmer, a pan of water heated on the stovetop, or in a container of hot water 
  • The single hull allows you to feel how much liquid is inside by using the scale on the side of the bottle

Common Sense Cautions


  • Bottles are dishwasher safe (top rack) 
  • Hand washing and sterilizing in a counter top steamer will extend the life of designs
  • Wash all bottle parts in hot, soapy water prior to first use
  • If sterilizing for your baby, use a steamer only.  Remove from steamer by threads, not bottle body so designs remain intact


  • Always test the temperature of the liquid before giving the bottle to a baby
  • Do not heat in microwave oven
  • Use caution when handling hot bottles or serious burns may result.        
  • Check nipples prior to each use
  • Discard all nipples that have tears or cracks
  • As with all baby bottles, do not put baby to bed with bottle
  • Do not leave premixed formula in any non refrigerated container for more than 1 hour or it may spoil 


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