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Wool Diaper Covers

Wool & Wool Care
Brand:   Happy Heiny

In the never-ending quest to provide your little one with the very best diaper covers, Happy Heinys is offering this beautiful 100% wool cover. It really is as soft as a T-shirt and offers great protection. This cover was rigorously tested by a group of moms and their little ones with great success! We tested on babies of all sizes and ages. We were pleased to hear moms tell us they were "beautifully made and So Soft!" They all agreed that the fabric makes a very gentle diaper cover that gets the job done.

The biggest request we have had has been to have these made for over-night as well. We’ve listened. We have worked with our wool manufacturer to mill the Stretch Wool to our specifications. They have done a fabulous job and we are now happy to say that our Stretch Wool covers are now perfect for DAY and NIGHT.

The NEW Stretch is only slightly thicker than the original stretch covers. They work beautifully overnight for all types of wetters. They are still trim enough to fit nicely under clothing or pajamas. The new design features four snaps at each side of the waist and legs for added adjustability. The snap sides are reinforced for durability. We do recommend lanolizing the covers prior to use. 


Newborn:  6-10 lbs, 13+" Waist, 6-8" Thighs

Small:  10-15 lbs, 15+" Waist, 8-10" Thighs

Medium:  15-20 lbs, 16+" Waist, 10-12" Thighs

Large:  20-30 lbs, 17+" Waist, 11-13" Thighs

Toddler:  30+ lbs, 18+" waist, 12-14" Thighs

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