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Mama Pads

Reusable Menstrual Products
Brand:   Happy Heiny

All Happy Heiny pads are made with high quality materials consisting of Hemp Fleece 3 layers, custom milled Micro Fleece-next to you, and a single layer of PUL to prevent leaks. Overnight pads are 2 inches longer with an additional hemp layer for extra protection. Each pad has wings with snaps to hold pad in place. Sold in in all colors and prints.

Regular: 7″ wide x 9″ long
Overnight: 8″ wide x 11 1/2″ long

Worried about washing them? If you use cloth diapers, just toss them in with the diapers when you wash them. If you don't have diapers to wash, just do a cold rinse/wash, to rinse them out and prevent stains. Then you can follow that with a hot wash and dry in the dryer or hang to dry. If you don't want to wash them alone, after the cold rinse, throw them in with any load of laundry.

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