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About Us

Bums Away was born in the small city of Brockville, Ontario in the summer 2009. Four years later, in the summer of 2013, we moved our family and the business to Kamloops, British Columbia. Mr. Bums Away was born and raised in B.C. and has realized his dream of moving back home. And, well, Ms. Bums Away agrees that Kamloops is a pretty awesome place to raise a family. We do still ship products anywhere in Canada and offer free shipping (and free local delivery) on orders of $150 or more (before taxes).

Bums Away began as a cloth diaper store after we had been using cloth diapers on our daughter for a year and a half. Using cloth diapers has saved us lots of money (at least $3,000 so far) and has been much easier than I had expected. The great diaper colours and prints available also make it fun to match diapers to different summer outfits.

I know how confusing it can be when you’re trying to decide which type of cloth diapers to use. As well as my personal experience using cloth diapers on our two children, I have done extensive research on cloth diaper use and care to provide you with the information you need to select and care for your cloth diapers.

If you are in the Kamloops area, contact us to make an appointment to come see our products and ask any questions you may have about using them. Bums Away is a home-based family business so our hours are flexible to meet your needs.

No matter where you live, we are happy to help you get started or to help you with any questions that you may have. We want everyone to enjoy using cloth diapers as much as we do. Using cloth diapers can be a fun and rewarding experience that can save you money. They are environmentally friendly and great for your baby’s skin. In order to ensure your satisfaction, we

  • offer fast (often next-day) shipping on in-stock products
  • list stock numbers on our website so you know what we have
  • sell only quality products, many of which we have tried on our own kids, and
  • reply to phone calls, texts and emails in a timely manner.

As Bums Away has grown, we have increased the range of products we offer to serve your entire family. As well as cloth diapers and accessories, we now have reusable lunch containers, hats and T-shirts for toddlers and young children, natural skin care products for everyone, breastfeeding accessories, bottles, baby toys & blankets, teething toys, and we’re constantly expanding the line of products we offer.

You can expect that most of our new products, as well as being high quality and eco-friendly, will be made in Canada. At Bums Away, we believe it is important to support businesses that manufacture in Canada in order to create sustainable jobs. While products manufactured in Canada may cost a little more to purchase, they have a lower social and environmental cost that those manufactured cheaply abroad. It costs money to pay workers well, to comply with environmental standards, and to use quality materials. And we believe that the extra financial cost is well worth it.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping your family live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

- Kristie & Eric (aka Ms. and Mr. Bums Away)

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